Toeareg Tent Pole, 'Ehel'

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Additional Information

Material Wood
Origin Mauritania
Dimension L115cm
Designer Tuareg
Colour Brown

The story

The Tuaregs are proud nomadic people of the Sahara. On the move with their herds and camels over vast areas of the southern Sahara, they create impressive utensils. Traditional, abstract, beautiful and functional objects of leather, wood and metal.

The mother’s tent is the heart of the family. It is made of a traditional wooden structure, old pieces of clothing, linen and goat skin mats which are sown together. The tent is anchored into the sand with tent poles. Each pole has its own unique design and function.

4 ‘Ehel’ poles are placed inside the tent to hold the wall mats, ‘eseber’ in place. These mats are placed around the bed to create a form of privacy.

 Every peg has its own unique engraving with beautiful geometric patterns, which are so typical for the Tuareg art.

Unique ethnic item with a nice patina.

"A unique story in your home."