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The Sebra bed - baby & junior - classic white

The Sebra bed - baby & junior - classic white
The Sebra bed - baby & junior - classic white
The Sebra bed - baby & junior - classic white
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The Sebra Bed – the bed that grows with your child.
The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. is a Danish-designed baby and children’s bed which can be pulled out to become a junior bed. Read the story..

Material :
Birch wood
H88 x L115 x W75cm / extension length: 155cm
Designer :
Color :
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The story

The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., comes in two different kinds of wood and multiple colours. This edition is in the classic and timeless colour Classic White, which makes it ideal for every nursery and as a bed that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

The piece of furniture comes unassembled and is easily assembled by following the accompanying instructions, which should be stored for later use.

The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. has been designed for children from birth up to 155 cm. The Sebra Mattress can be purchased separately and in several versions. 

  • Stage 1 - This stage is suitable for the infant.
    • The raised bed base makes it easier to lift your baby up from the bed and lay him/her in the bed. The raised bed base makes it easier for you to pick up your child safely and securely, and to better support your baby’s head and neck when placing them down on the bed. This is thanks to the short distance to the bed base – which is both safer for the child and better for your back.
    • IMPORTANT! The lowest base setting is the safest. The base should always be moved to the lowest position as soon as the child is old enough to sit up.
  • Stage 2 - This stage is suitable for the child who is starting to show signs of being able to get into a sitting or crawling position.
    • The lowered base and the bed’s distinctive slatted sides and headboards provide safety for your child during his/her first year of life, and ensure that your child cannot roll out when he/she begins to move more, sit or stand upright. The slats of the bed have been cut at the bottom to create a slope, which means that your child cannot get a foothold and climb/fall over the edge of the bed
    • IMPORTANT! The support beams (part I) must be removed before you use the bed in its lowest position. The slatted side sections must be removed as soon as the child is able to crawl out of bed. Many parents will want to stall a bit and keep the slatted sides on for longer, as removing them also means less control. However, for safety reasons, they must be removed when the child is able to climb out. 
  • Stage 3 - This stage is suitable for the child who is showing signs of wanting to climb or has grown big enough to be able to crawl/get out of bed unaided.
    • One day your child will be able to, and will also want to, do things on his/her own, and hopefully you will enjoy the patter of tiny feet in the mornings (and not in the middle of the night) when, for safety reasons, you have removed one or both sides. Around the age of two-and-a-half, many children begin to signal that they do not want to be in a ‘cot’ anymore - some do it earlier - others later. It is important to look for these signs so that the sides can be taken off before your child attempts to do so on his/her own.
  • Stage 4 - This stage is suitable for the child who has reached a certain length and needs more space.
    • The timing of this stage depends on the child’s length and sleep pattern. Many parents pull the bed out to the junior bed size when the child is 3-4 years of age.
  • Stage 5 - At some point, the child will no longer fit in bed.  
    • Pass on your old Baby & Jr. bed to the next child or the next generation – this is good for the environment and at the same time ensures that the bed’s long design history is continued. 
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