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Bamboo wash and care cleaner - 500 ml

Bamboo wash and care cleaner - 500 ml
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Wash and care for your bamboo furniture - Outdoor use Read the story..

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The story

For outdoor use, the surface may collect mold, but as bamboo is resistant, the mold is only superficial, as the mold will never penetrate inside the bamboo. Mold is very easy to remove from the surface by following below cleaning and washing instructions 1+2. Follow 3+4 for optimum results.

Make sure that your furniture is placed on a dry surface to avoid the legs from absorbing water, and store your bamboo furniture in a dry ventilated environment during the autumn and winter season.
We recommend you to wash outdoor bamboo furniture before every season. Repeat the washing a few times during the season, and do the washing on a sunny day to get the best results.

1) Use a hard cleaning sponge and/or scouring powder with abrasive effect to remove dirt, stains and possible mold.
2) Rinse well with plenty of water to remove all soap and dirt.
3) Spray with a cleaning product containing chlorine, ammonia or vinegar directly on the bamboo, leave it on for a while, rinse well with water and let it dry completely in the sun for optimum results.
4) For extra treatment in the end of the season – before winter storage - we recommend you to treat your bamboo with an anti-mildew and mold detergent. Contact your nearest DIY store for the best exterior wood treatment to avoid fungus and mold in a wet and humid winter climate.

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