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Handmade with love

About us


Shifira Muumburi

Shifira is a grandmother and taught her daughters the art of weaving baskets. Despite her eyes going backwards, she still weaves the finest baskets. The women of her group come together once a week to weave. Such days are important for her because they share the latest news and there is a lot of laughter. Thanks to her weaving she can meet her basic needs.

Cresensia Mwaipe

Cresensia is a widow and lives with her daughter in a simple house in Kasigau. Her income used to depend on the small harvest from her piece of land. Kasigau is located in the middle of the migration route of elephants with the result that the harvest is regularly destroyed. Now she weaves baskets with the other women from the neighbourhood. Thanks to that extra income, her daughter can go to school.

Lilian Shake

Lilian became a mother at a young age and is one Shifira’s daughters. She teaches the art of weaving to the girls in the local school. This way she has enough income to provide for her most basic needs. She spends her remaining time with her daughter.

Dreda Amiala

Dreda masters the art of weaving like no other. Together with her sisters they weave baskets together all day long. Dreda lives with her two sisters on the edge of the village in a simple house that is divided into several rooms.


Lahcen lives in Morocco where he makes wooden objects such as bread boards, spoons and mortars. He is a hard worker and every time we visit his studio, he makes the tastiest tea for us and proudly shows us his new products. When Lahcen isn’t working, he visits the mosque or spends his time with his family. Family, religion and work are the most important things in his life.

Ali Lamu

Ali is a fisherman from Lamu, an island off the Kenyan coast. Since the founding of the Ali Lamu studio, Ali & Daniela have been able to give many unemployed fishermen a job. Not only fishermen find work there but also many women help making the bags so that they can take care of their families. In the meantime, Ali also founded a school for the children of the fishermen. This allows Ali to help entire families.


Isaiah is an artist from Lamu. He makes fish from driftwood and old canoes. It has been his lifelong dream to do this. He is very happy that he can live off his job and let his children go to a good school. He saved all the extra money he earned and so he could buy his own house. His children are the most important thing in his life and he beams with happiness when he teaches them his craft.


Mohammed lives in Morocco and weaves lamps and furniture in the traditional way. He has big strong hands to work the stiff bamboo. Although he barely speaks French, he is very enthusiastic when we visit him. He has a large family and works hard to support them all. He ensures that his children can go to a good school because education is the basis for a good future, he says. Twice a day he interrupts his work to go to the mosque.


We are globetrotters roaming the planet in search of wonders. We are marveled by the colours of the world, exotic cultures, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating people, overwhelming nature, Couleur Locale. We are treasure hunters looking for unique items, unusual things, weathered, used, recycled, all crafted with skill and lots of love… and a story behind them, COULEUR LOCALE…

In everything we do, we are guided by our core values: Be unique, handmade with love, recycled, natural materials, items with a story to tell, fair trade.

Our mission is to bring beautiful items into homes and create adventurous interiors while also having a social impact on craftsmen from remote areas around the world.







The Story

Hendrik and Ruth met each other in 2004 in Djibouti. They shared the same passion for interior design and travel. It was love at first sight and from then on they travelled together. In 2013 Couleur Locale Conceptstore was founded. This was followed by Couleur Locale Interior, Couleur Locale Kids and Couleur Locale Webshop. Inspired by the colours of the world, foreign cultures, fascinating landscapes, intriguing people and old crafts, Ruth & Hendrik design interiors and fill their stores with unique items.

Hendrik - Founder

I have been working as an architect for over 30 years. I do designs by sketching with a hint of watercolor. My specialty is transforming outdated buildings into contemporary spaces. I prefer to work with organic forms such as rounded corners, arches and atypical door openings. This way I create a relaxed atmosphere.

Ruth - Founder

Interior is my passion. As soon as I enter a room, I am already redesigning it. I like a relaxed atmosphere, open houses and artisan objects. Long journeys are my absolute source of inspiration.

The Team


Interior Architect / Sales
Interior Store
[email protected]

Having lived in Asia (Singapore and Indonesia) for 20 years and traveling around a lot, I feel completely at home at Couleur Locale Interior. As I tell the rich stories that are hidden behind beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork, both the customer and I feel like we are traveling through the store. As an interior architect, I am therefore very proud to assist customers with decorating and giving advice for Couleur Locale.



Sales manager
[email protected]

Working in our warehouse full of beautiful home decoration, is like being on a wonderful journey.
Every day I look forward to the new website orders and interior design projects. Our customers live all over the world and yet I already know some of them very well. A picture of the result is often the icing on the cake. It's nice to be able to spread all those positive Couleur Locale vibes!


Freelance photographer
[email protected]

The great thing about my job at Couleur Locale is that all unique products first pass through my lens. Thanks to photography, I can see the artisanal products before they appear on the screen or before they arrive in the store. The variety of handmade products, each with their own story, often make me dream of far-away places.



Delivery & Logistics
[email protected]

The variety that I have in my job at Couleur Locale is exactly what I need. Bringing orders to our customers, supplying the stores or loading and unloading new materials, my days never look the same. I spend a lot of time on the road but knowing that customers are happy with our products gives me the energy to go into first gear every day.




[email protected]

I take great pleasure in taking care of all the packages. Each package is different and requires a different approach. We have a lot of unique items so good and safe packing is of great importance. I'll always do it with a smile and preferably with an up tempo song in the background.


Sales employee
Concept Store
[email protected]

Even at my young age I have already seen a lot from the world. When I went to live on my own after my trip around the world and started to decorate everything myself, my interest in interior design grew enormously. That passion for interior design combined with traveling makes me feel completely at home at Couleur Locale and it is a pleasure to take our customers on a journey with me around the world.




Sales employee
Concept Store
[email protected]

After years of experience in the surfing world, the waves brought me to our beautiful store. This makes me happy and ensures that I can enthusiastically help the customers in the store with all their questions.



All-round / communication 
Warehouse / stores
[email protected]

Graduated in uncertain Covid times and still found a wonderful job where I can continue to develop my two ultimate passions: faraway travels and beautiful interiors.

Ever since I was little, I've loved the idea of completely turning my bedroom upside down and changing the interior decorations. Even when I went to university, almost all of my money went to interior design stuff to decorate my apartment.

In the last few years, my mom (Ruth) and Hendrik gave me the chance to discover beautiful parts of the world. Looking for elephants in Kenya or swimming with whale sharks in Tanzania, ... But we didn't only go looking for animals ... On each trip we also looked for treasures, items with a beautiful story and made by inspiring people. And so my love for unique products grew as well....

Through newsletters and social media content I try to take you along in the stories behind our unique products...


Home sweet home
[email protected]

Baloe is our mascotte at the desk. Every handmade basket that comes in is personally tested by him. He also makes sure that we never sit still for too long at our desk because every once in a while he asks to be let out.

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