Old Nepalese Cooking Pot

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Additional Information

Material Satisal wood
Origin China
Dimension H 26-28cm ∅ 10-14cm
Designer Local people
Colour Dark brown

The story

These old Nepalese pots date from 1850-1900. They were used as kitchen pots for oil or cottage cheese. They‘ve survived for so long, that’s why they are so beautiful! Nepal is a country in Asia, located in the Himalayas between India and Tibet. It has a great history that started before the beginning of the Christian era. Nepal is also the birthplace of the Buddha, although today it’s largely Hindu. Because of it's location the country is under Indian and Tibetan influence. The Old Nepalese Cooking Pots brings a piece of this wonderful culture in a rustic or intense interior. Combine them with other old elements or contrast with cool colours, anything is possible. The weathered wood breathes authenticity and gives a warm atmosphere.

For those looking for something unique.