Berber Pottery

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Additional Information

Material terracotta
Origin Rif Mountains, Morocco
Dimension Verschillende afmetingen
Designer Berber women

The story

Berber women make their pottery with few tools. The most important of these is the female hand.

Berber women's pottery is intensively practical. They make water carriers, storage jars for olive oil and dates, drinking cups, and food platters. The decoration draws on the Berber's constant repertoire of symbols, yet is intensely idiosyncratic to each maker and unique to each piece.

Berber women are proud of the utility of their work, and quick to point out that a piece may have more uses than meet a stranger's eye. A water jar, for example, not only carries water but also serves as camouflage for a young woman who wants to meet with a young man.


Each piece is unique. Some pieces are too fragile to ship with the standard post: we calculate the shipping on request. 

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