Tuareg Dromedary Luggage Carrier, 'Ame ssaqqab'

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Additional Information

Material Wood
Origin Sahara region
Dimension L 65-80cm B +-10cm
Designer Nomads
Colour Brown

The story

The Tuareg are nomadic Berbers who inhabit the Sahara and Sahel. Dromedaries are part of their culture and it’s because of these amazing animals that they manage to travel long distances through the desert.

These unique carved sticks, 'ame ssaqqab', are part of an ingenious construction used to move the Tuareg tents. 4 wooden sticks are used to construct a sedan chair (palanquin) which is placed on the back of a dromedary. When settled in their tent, they turn around the sedan chair and use it as a little cupboard.

Each carrier has a unique engraving with beautiful geometric patterns that are typical for the Tuareg art. Every now and then we find them with leftovers of leather, used as a rope to tie the sticks together.

 "A unique story in your home"