Craft Paper Bag set by Love Warriors - 'Stella & Skull'

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Additional Information

Material Craft paper
Origin Sweden
Dimension Stella: H60cm x W40cm x D25cm Skull: H22cm x W17cm x D11cm
Designer Love Warriors
Colour Zwart / Wit

The story

"I am an instant star. Just add water and stir”- David Bowie

Tove Frank is a talented Swedish photographer with a very personal and poetic style. The collaboration with Love Warriors is therefore completely on point.

The photos are printed on kraft paper bags. The new serie is sold in a set of 2.

The large paper bag has the following text printed on the back: 'I am an instant star. Just add water and stir.'

The smaller skull bag has the LW logo printed on the back.

The warriors say:' mess it up and use it any way you can think of.'