Palm Leaf Basket Morocco

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Additional Information

Material Braided palm leaf
Origin Morocco
Dimension 3 sizes
Designer Local people
Colour Natural

The story

These charming Moroccan baskets are hand woven by farming families in small villages of the Atlas Mountains by traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. They are woven from leaves of the date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera), which grows abundantly in the region. After the baskets are woven, they are collected and brought to a more central location where they are finished off by hand. Each basket is unique, so minor variations in weaving and finish are to be expected and treasured. Enjoy the difference!

As well as being stylish and beautiful these baskets are renowned for being strong and hard-wearing. They are traditional work baskets in Morocco, being used for such things as donkey panniers and in tile factories for carrying heavy loads so don’t worry about loading up your basket – it can carry more than you can! Each basket takes 3 to 8 hours to weave, depending on size and style. The palm leaves are woven into strips, which are then sewn together and the basket is built up in “rounds”. You will find lots of uses for your Moroccan basket - the possible uses are only limited by your imagination and will probably wonder what you ever did without it!

Discover here how these baskets are made. 

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