Kiondo Baskets

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Material Natural sisal, food grade plastic and leather handles
Origin Kenya
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Designer Mifuko

The story

Mifuko stands with one foot on the streets of Helsinki, and the other firmly on the red soil of rural Kenya. They combine contemporary Finnish design with traditional Kenyan handicraft techniques and African colors.

The word 'mifuko' means 'pocket' in Swahili. The designers of Mifuko make sure that everyone has something in their pocket. The colorful Kiondos bags bring joy and happiness to both their makers in Kenya and their users around the globe. By purchasing a Mifuko Kiondo basket you make this possible.

Mifuko´s Kiondos are handwoven using Kenyan sisal and food grade plastics that are 80% recycled, their appearance and size vary slightly from basket to basket.

Caring for your Kiondo basket: Hand wash only with a damp cloth or rinse with warm water and a detergent if needed. Do not rub. Shape when wet and let dry.


"small things become great when done with love."

  • 5 black stripes
  • Thin Stripe Black White
  • White

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