Binga Gourd

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Additional Information

Material Ilala Palm
Origin Zimbabwe
Dimension Make your choice
Designer Tonga tribe
Colour Brown & Naturel

The story

These beautiful hand-woven baskets are named for the remote Binga district - home to the displaced Batonga people. Today, many Tonga women utilize traditional weaving techniques to create these intricately patterned baskets.

All natural and locally harvested materials such as wild grasses, vines and palm leaves make up the baskets. The women harvest the leaves and chop them to a usable length. They dye the palm with natural dyes from the bark and roots of trees. The patterns range from pigeons, love symbols, lightning bolts to zebra skins.

 Baskets aren't just for holding and hiding things; they also make great art. We consider them must haves to create a sunny atmosphere and a natural look. Put one or several together and be surprised about the effect! The possibilities are endless!

Take time to search for authenticity!

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