Bamileke Stool Natural

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Additional Information

Material Wood
Origin Cameroon
Dimension Different sizes
Designer Local people
Colour Natural

The story

These beautifully designed stools are traditionally used during royal ceremonies of the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. Only the king can sit on them.

The stool with an intricate weave pattern is cut from 1 piece of hardwood. First the wood is soaked in the river until it is soft and workable. Then a pattern is cut out that refers to the web of a spider, symbol of wisdom. It is believed that deceased loved ones, through the web, can also be part of the ceremony.

A crack during the cutting process is seen as an interruption of the continuity of life, a bad omen and in that case the entire piece of wood is thrown away.

The stools have a special look. The wood carving creates a feeling of lightness and is the result of expert craftsmanship.

Use them as a side table, coffee table or bedside table.

'Take time to search for authenticity.'