Frazada Cushion 12 - 30 x 50 cm

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Additional Information

Material llama wool
Origin Andes area
Dimension 30cm x 50cm
Designer Local people
Colour Multicolor

The story

Vibrant woolen Frazadas, the traditional blankets and pillows from the Andes highlands. Llama’s produce the wool, natural pigments create blistering intensity or earthy natural colours. With traces of intense life, the Frazadas enrich and inspire.

They are handwoven on a home loom in Bolivian homes in the Andes. The Frazadas have been used by the Aymara to sleep under, a heavy woolen blanket offering warm security when high and cold winds blow at dark cloudless nights. The colourful stripes enrich the floor, and bring Bolivia to bed and sofa. A Frazada pillow as a piece of sophisticated art on the sofa.

The soft llama woolen pillows are filled with first quality feathers. Wash with lukewarm water or on wool cycle with mild soap and dry in a shaded place.

Each colour tells a story!