Tamegroute Machatya Ochre

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Additional Information

Material Glazed Pottery
Origin Morocco
Dimension different sizes
Designer Local people
Colour Ocher

The story

Handmade pottery in beautiful shades of green!

Tamegroute is a village in the south of Morocco, known for the historical Koran library and characteristic green pottery. Just like the famous zelliges of the Fes-potters these ancient techniques give the green glaze it’s beautiful variations. The ancient glaze technique comprises silicon, manganese and copper, which, once baked in earth kilns, results in the striking green hue. At times, copper is replaced with iron oxide to obtain a more brown/olive coloured result.

In the ovens the pieces are stacked together, which arise little scars. That's why they're so unique. Each piece is different with its own imperfections.

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Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection!