Olivewood - Bowls Tunisia

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Additional Information

Material Olive wood
Origin Tunisia
Dimension Small: H 8,5cm ∅ 20cm / Medium: H 9cm ∅ 25cm / Special: H 21cm, ∅ 25,5cm
Designer Cinq étoiles
Colour Natural

The story

Wonderful bowls to serve your salads and soup. They are made of the wood from old olive trees that don't grow olives anymore.

The olive tree grows very slowly. That's why he stands for patience, peace and immortality. The olive tree is the typical tree of the Mediterranean and is cultiveted for olives and olive oil. Olive wood is really strong because the tree don't absorp that much water. The wood is perfect to make furniture and woodcarvings out of it.

The bowls are 100% natural and are completely untreated. They have different shapes and veinpatterns.

Clean them with warm water and a small rag. Avoid the dishwasher. We recommend you to treat them once or twice a year with olive oil.

'If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.'

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