Atwell Dinner Plate - Wonki Ware

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Additional Information

Material Ceramics
Origin South-Africa
Dimension Ø30-31 cm
Designer Wonki Ware
Colour optionally

The story

'Wonki' means not perfectly round in Swahili. Handmade ceramics from Wonki Ware appeal to us not only for their outstanding designs with distinctive colors and patterns, but also because every piece is unique.

Wonki Ware was founded in 1999 along the beautiful 'Garden Route’ in South Africa by Di Marshall. It started as a hobby but soon the small studio became a meeting place for creative and ceramists from the community and grew into one of the biggest success stories in South Africa. Today you can find the unique creations in the most prestigious stores in the world...

Each piece in the collection is hand formed, hand painted and hand glazed and goes through 18 pairs of driven hands. The studio now employs about 70 motivated ceramists from disadvantaged families. Who with great enthusiasm and pride make the beautiful Wonki Ware collection.

Wonki Ware is durable and high quality, microwave and dishwasher safe. Mix and match colors and patterns to your heart

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