Arcade Plaid 'Calvi'

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Additional Information

Material 100% ecol. merinowool
Origin Brasil
Dimension L180 x B140 cm
Designer Arcade Avec
Colour Black & White

The story

Because Ivan Baj and his companion Paula Haubert love crafts, they created Avec by Arcade in 2000. They both love design and Brasil, so why not combine these two? The result was the creation of the Avec co-operative in the South of Brasil.

Since the beginning, women and men from poor areas in Brasil are participating in this project. Arcade stands for the love and devotion for hand-made items of 100% natural materials like cotton, silk and wool. All products are made by using primitive hand-made tools, which are mainly produced by local craftsmen.

Each item is a unique and precious piece of art and is decorating houses all around the world. Each plaid is created by delicate and sensible hands. All materials are spun, woven and dyed by hand.