Lozi Basket Zambia

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Additional Information

Material Makenge bush roots
Origin Zambia
Dimension Flat Ø32-35cm - €29
Medium H25xØ30cm - €95
Large H30xØ35 cm - €119
Designer Lozi tribe

The story

The Lozi ( Barotse) live on and about the floodplain of the upper Zambezi. For the Lozi people basketmaking is their foremost outlet for artistic expression. Makenge tree roots are gathered from the makenge bush, boiled until soft & then woven into baskets.

Lozi baskets are traditionally woven in two colours, black and natural fibre, normally with different areas utilising differing arrangements of patterns, including zig-zags, geometric shapes and animals.

Beautifil baskets with a modern twist. 

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