Bamboo Basket Lamp

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Additional Information

Material Bamboo
Origin Bali
Dimension Ø 44cm x 42/43cm + 10cm handle Ø 57cm x 62cm + 14cm handle
Designer Local people
Colour Natural

The story

Cockfighting is an ancient Balinese tradition. Nowadays it's a clandistine activity but it remains a part of daily life. By the roadside you can see everywhere the big wicker baskets with the cockerel inside. They put them by the road to make them used to people. Then they won't be scared when it's time to fight. People weave the baskets on their doorsteps. Better than keeping a cockerel inside is to use this basket as a lamp. This lamp gives your interior a natural touch. The weaven structure throws beautiful patterns and shadows on the wall.

Available in 2 sizes, with or without electrical cable (NUD textile cable).

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