Alabast Candleholder Arduss

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Additional Information

Material Alabast
Origin Egypt
Dimension Small: H 20cm ∅ 13cm / Big: H 24cm ∅ 19cm
Designer Sirocco Living
Colour Ivory

The story

This charming alabaster light brings a personal, warm and aesthetic expression to your interior. With a tea light inside this lamp gives a magic light.  

Sirocco Living is a Danish family business, which name is inspired by the sirocco wind, that blows all the way from Sahara to Europe and brings little grains of sand from one culture to another…

The design of the alabast candleholder origins from the pharaonic era of Egypt when a lot of household equipment were cut in stone. Most of the stone used by Sirocco is a matte crystallized snow white stone.

All the work is done by hand and the process goes through many steps. In order for the fine crystals in the stone not to break, the cutting must be done gradually over days. In the night the stone is left wrapped in cotton with glue and each day a layer of the stone is cut off until the final shape is achieved. 

"Enjoy ancient beauty."  

note:  don't place the albaster in moist areas. They will get fragile with water and they can get hot in the buttom (use a glass container inside)